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April 24th, 2019

Your next (epic) job 👩‍💻

“There's a ton of job opportunities constantly being tweeted out there and as much as I tried to retweet them all, they still got lost in the feeds.”

This is the problem that led Maker Dann Petty to create a *different* type of job board. The result is Epic Jobs. 👀

How it's unique: Epic Jobs sets itself apart from other job boards in that its listings feel human. Dann observed how personal tweets about open jobs garnered attention, and replicated that feeling on the platform. Job seekers can browse 90-140 second video clips called “Intros,” where they can learn about the opportunity directly from the hiring manager. The site also features “Office Tours,” which are fun videos that give you a virtual tour of a company's workspace.

Some initial reactions:

“I find the interviews super interesting, many questions I'd ask during the interview process already answered” - Julie

“Adds the human element that is often missing in the hiring process” - Pradip

“I don't think I'd be in my current role if it wasn't for the connections that I made via Twitter. Can't wait to see where all this goes.” - Josh

It's worth noting that Epic didn't come to be overnight. In fact, Dann has been connecting people to jobs via Twitter since 2010, and has been conducting experiments, polls and interviews about hiring along the way.

It's a novel idea in a crowded — albeit difficult to crack — job hunting market. Beyond big tech incumbents like LinkedIn, we've seen more and more niche job boards crop up. And if you're looking for a job at a startup specifically, definitely check out AngelList (but we're biased 😉). If you’re hiring, you can also promote your job to millions of talented makers in the Product Hunt community.

More Epic Jobs

NEW POD! On this week's episode of Product Hunt Radio we talk with Lee Jacobs and Brian Balfour about:

❓ What kinds of questions they first ask founders
👀 Why the style of your fund should match your personality
💪 The importance of cultivating resilience as a founder and investor

Listen now and big thanks to our sponsors Bubble, Spoka, and Dipsea for their support. 😸

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