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February 28th, 2017

YouTube takes on cable providers with a $35/month TV service!
YouTube just announced YouTube TV: a $35/month live TV streaming service that takes on cable providers directly. Stream ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC & more, never run out of DVR storage space, and link 6 accounts all for the price of one. Unlike Comcast, you can easily cancel anytime.

Why is this significant? YouTube recently announced that video views now surpass 1 billion hours per day (and growing), compared to collective TV viewership of 1.25 billion hours per day (and dropping).

Expect to see more and more products added to this TV Apps for Cord-Cutters collection and the popularity of services like HBO Now, Hulu, and the entire Netflix ecosystem thriving.
YouTube TV 📺
"Google, it's time to stop. Pick one chat/video messenger and make it the best." Gabriel Lewis

Google just launched an enterprise-friendly version of Hangouts! 🔴🎥