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January 2nd, 2019

The 2018 Golden Kitty Awards are here

January is here which means it's time for...The Golden Kitty Awards! 😻

This marks our fourth year hosting the awards, which are a chance for you β€” our community β€” to celebrate makers' achievements over the past year. Previous winners range from tech giants like Elon Musk to indie makers like Pieter Levels.

This year is going to be our biggest Golden Kitty Awards yet with 22 (!) categories up for grabs, including 10 brand new categories. The new category additions are:

Audio and Voice β€” Apps you can hear and talk to πŸ—£

Diversity and Inclusion β€” Products making the world more inclusive 🌎

AI and Machine Learning β€” Projects powered by the robots! πŸ€–

Health and Fitness App β€” Things to help us lead a healthier life πŸ’¦

Smart Home β€” Gadgets to transform the home 🏠

Founder Books β€” Books for makers that we can learn from πŸ“–

Fintech β€” Disruptive players shaking up finance πŸ’Έ

Privacy-Focused β€” Apps and services prioritizing privacy πŸ”’

Made with Product Hunt API β€” Rad projects that use our API 😻

Social Impact β€” Projects that make the world just a little bit better πŸ™

You can nominate makers starting TODAY until Tuesday January 8th at 6pm PT. We will announce the finalists for you to vote for on Wednesday January 9th and the final winners will be announced on Wednesday January 16th.

Start nominating your fav projects here!!!

🐱 Nominate Away 🐱

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