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The next big thing in podcasts

Anchor — the free podcast creation app — launched a new 'Sponsorships' marketplace yesterday to match podcasters with brand sponsors to help hosts make benjamins. 💰

Sponsorships is a natural next step for Anchor, and the latest in its effort to become a one stop shop for making podcasts.

“Before today, only 1% of podcasts were being monetized through ads due to a highly inefficient and closed off process. Anchor Sponsorships makes sponsorship monetization available to anyone (starting in the US), regardless of how many plays you get!” — Anchor co-founder Mike Mignano wrote on Product Hunt

The news follows Anchor's major revamp to its app last February, when the company shifted from a tool for short-form audio to an all-encompassing platform for podcasters to get their shows off the ground.

Anchor has raised $14.4M in funding to date from notable backers including Google Ventures, Accel, Betaworks and Homebrew, to name a few. The podcast industry is also on hockey stick trajectory. While it remains tiny compared to the radio, podcast revenues within the U.S. are projected to double year-over-year by the end of 2018 for the second year in a row.

If all this talk of making $$$ from podcasts has you plotting to make your own, here's some fresh podcast #content we're checking out:

🗒 Business Schooled is a new podcast hosted by Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian on Gen X and Baby Boomer entrepreneurs.

💁 Women Make Podcast puts women makers at the forefront of the show.

☝️ Company of One is a 10-episode podcast that explores a conversation around what happens if growth isn’t the byproduct of success.

😴 sleepyTimer lets you listen to your favorite podcasts or music before falling asleep.

👂Saycaster allows you to interact with specific moments in podcasts as you hear them.

Shameless plug: Product Hunt Radio is our weekly podcast where we talk with people creating and exploring the future. 😊

Monetize your pod

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