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Is bigger always better in business?

Company of One explores what happens when businesses challenge the idea that bigger is always better. The show explores a conversation around what happens if growth isn’t the byproduct of success. The first season is 10 episodes and includes conversations with Laura Roeder, Jason Fried, Danielle LaPorte, Dan Provost, and Spencer Fry.

  • Elsa Saks
    Elsa SaksI do projects. I write.

    Simple. Powerful. Game-changing.


    Zero. I haven't found any.

    Paul brings us words the world needs to hear. But mostly, its encouraging me to do my thing. To face my fears in the unknown of the unexpected. I cannot thank Paul Jarvis enough for the gifts he brings to the hearts of many. Thank you dude! I appreciate you.

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    Short and to the point


    Only ten of them so far!

    I really enjoy this podcast so far. I hope it keeps going!

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Hey all! Just the upcoming book (also called Company of One), I wanted to start a podcast that was a little different. It's short, it's more of an introspection with clips from guests than an interview show, and it showcases the counter-intuitive idea that business success doesn't mean there has to be business growth. A lot of the conversations on the show relate to the book, but since it's not out yet, they also stand alone (I made sure of that, ha). Have a listen! I hope you enjoy it. I dropped the whole first season (Netflix style) on a whim instead of dripping each episode out every week. Cheers, PJ
Paul is such a pro communicator, whether it's in his books or his mailing lists or his podcasts. I'm really enjoying the short form approach here! Cheers @pjrvs
@_satelliteeyes heck ya, thanks sarah!
@pjrvs Really love this show, Paul. Congrats on launching all of this. This is how one should release books. ;)
@avclark thanks man! i'll save writing the "how i sold one billion copies of my book" medium article until next year 😎
Congrats, Paul! I started listening to your podcast today. I really like the format and style, and of course, great content. Looking forward to your book! 👏
@mariordev thanks mario!
I listened to a couple episodes yesterday and loved the quick snappy conversations. If you're looking for long form interviews this isn't the place but for everything else this is the place! Great work @pjrvs !!
@marcchampagne thanks marc! it's definitely not long form 😉