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Start-up layoffs
Layoff season in start-up land?

It’s rough out there. While scrolling Twitter yesterday, you may have seen some founders announce they’re laying off parts of their teams. Significant cut-offs have been happening since the beginning of the year and we’ve already seen at least 22 companies join the list in Q2 alone.

If you’re curious to dig deeper into the data, one maker created a database tracking tech start-up layoffs since COVID-19. gets all of the information from public reports. It even shows a list of folks looking for new opportunities with contact information.

But why is this happening now, you might ask. One reason is that fundraising has slowed down. While global VC funding in 2021 was on a high, recent reports show that Q1 funding fell for the first time in a year. That, paired with bloated valuations, start-ups struggling to find ways to increase revenue or become profitable, and a looming bear market, might be bringing us closer to seeing the bubble burst.

We like to look at the positive, though. There are plenty of companies out there looking to hire. Fortunately, we continue seeing makers find smart, creative ways to gather opportunities and help those wanting to make a career change.

Take Honter, for instance. The app launched today with an interesting discovery mechanism. “We found a good use for the matching system Tinder uses. We believe we can connect faster and better creative freelancers with potential new clients,” the maker shares.

Another tool worth mentioning is Himalayas, a remote job board that allows you to search 2,000+ open roles at 1,700+ remote companies. You can filter by time zone, visa, skills, company, salary, and tech stack. Alternatively, if switching to a career in Web3 sounds exciting to you, we recently wrote about it here.

Yours truly has some open positions too.

  • Tocoway's white-glove service helps startups create a high conversion landing page with input from marketing, design, and sales experts.

  • Founder’s Choice is a website that collects VC ratings from founders they’ve backed, confidentially, securely, and verifiably.

  • Track your low-carb diet with Basilium.

  • This 30-day mindset-building boot camp stems from Peter Diamandis’s work with founders like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and Sergey Brin.


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