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Pitch meets FigJam
Make slides great again

“This is something I'm really passionate about,” Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn co-founder, and Partner at Greylock shared on Tome’s launch page today. Hoffman has been working with the team behind the product for the past two years and led their seed round.

Makers Keith Peiris and Henri Liriani, who both led Product at companies like Facebook and Citizen, started working on Tome after becoming frustrated with existing slide tools that forced them to spend time on formatting rather than on crafting the message. The fact that slides have historically been difficult to manage from a mobile device didn’t sit right with them either.

Tome positions itself as “a storytelling tool for work.” The app is a slide builder that supports sharing and presenting dynamic, complex ideas – think 3D models, motion graphics, or interactive charts, through tile-based formatting that automatically structures the layout of the content. It’s been built to feel native on mobile, allowing you to collaborate with your team through comments, mentions, and seen states. You can think of it as “a Pitch meets FigJam hybrid.”

We’re big fans of storytelling here at Product Hunt, so what’s interesting about Tome’s launch is its focus on helping make hard concepts easier to explain. It does this by allowing you to use narration, annotations, and web embeds, removing communication barriers that may arise from using text and images only.

While today is the first time the app publicly launches, Tome has been built alongside early users at Superhuman, Flexport, and Neeva who use it for internal design demos, reviewing customer feedback, and team all-hands.

The team has started working to integrate apps like Figma, Framer, Looker, and Airtable but wants to hear what you’d like to be able to add to your presentations.

The founders will be hanging around to discuss any questions and ideas you may have, so head to the comments. 👇


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