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January 4th, 2022

Nominations for the Golden Kitty Awards 2021 are open!

The Golden Kitty Awards 2021 have landed! Nominations are open, so you can start submitting your favorite products NOW. These are the products you want to see go down in tech history. 🏆

Our annual awards are a celebration of the best products and makers from the last year. There are over twenty award categories covering today’s foremost topics on innovation and tech, including No-Code, AI, and Web3 (to name a few). We’ll also be putting two ameowzing humans in the spotlight for their contributions to the community.

Here’s how it works: You nominate products in each of the categories from now through Saturday, January 8. Then on Monday, January 10, we’ll start dropping finalists in each category. Five categories at a time, over five days.

After a week of voting on the best products of 2021, this year’s Golden Kitty Awards culminates with an epic virtual awards ceremony on January 27, hosted by brilliant minds, Greg Isenberg and Sahil Bloom. Isenberg and Bloom are admired authorities in the tech community for their work in venture capital, products, business strategy, and content creation including their newest podcast, The Room Where It Happens.

You’ll definitely want to stick around for the afterparty, too. We’ll drop more details soon, but expect a lot of magic ✨ and memorable live performances. You can put the event on your calendar now.

Other than YOU, the Golden Kitty Awards 2021 are made possible by our sponsor, Flatfile. We’ve talked to you about Flatfile before, so you might remember the startup for its platform that makes validating and onboarding customer data quick and simple. Flatfile helps SaaS companies reduce churn and provide even more value to their customers by cutting down the time it takes to get started.

Now go — nominate.


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Kara Pure is on a mission to bring clean drinking water to the world by making it straight from air. The "first-ever machine that makes water from the air" also continuously filters and purifies it with UV-C light.

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