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November 1st, 2021

Fake it to make it

The topic of generative art has received a boost over the last year thanks to the success of NFT projects like CryptoPunks.

Earlier this year, a collection of nine CryptoPunks sold on Christie’s for almost $17M. The original 10,000 CryptoPunks were generated via software algorithms by the makers at Larva Labs. Each Punk was given its own unique combination of distinctive and randomly generated features.

Generative art is art that’s made using a predetermined and autonomous system where ideas, forms, shapes, colors, and patterns are generated algorithmically. Bauhaus Art Generator and Mondrian Art Generator from maker Andrew Brother are recent examples of products in this space.

So are Art by an AI and today’s launch of starryai. The products are built with a GAN or general adversarial network, a machine learning model where two neural networks compete with each other to produce more accurate predictions.

starryai is an app by an AI artist named Mo Kahn who was inspired to “remove barriers to entry to AI art generation and make it as simple as two steps.” Enter a few words into a text box, select an art style, and a few minutes later, you’ll have a work of art that’s yours to keep and even mint into an NFT.

Despite the subject line of today’s email, it would be short-sighted to describe generative art as fake — however, products built using GAN are being used to create synthetic design work for business purposes.

See: Virtual Models, Face Generator, and Malivar launched last month with a tool for businesses and content creators to produce synthetic, digital spokespeople. Users generate a face with their ideal attributes, upload their own videos, and malivar automatically applies the face to produce a whole new avatar for your business.

“We believe that the future digital world is going to be filled with avatars. Everyone will have their own avatar and especially big brands,” founder Valery Sharipov wrote.

If you’re new to this space, you can trial generating new art in most of the products we’ve linked to. Makers might also be interested in checking out Generative Art in Go, a book introducing you to the basics of algorithmic art with the Go language.

Your new avatar?
Clarity is a new Chrome extension for taking notes alongside your Youtube video. According to maker Abu Abdullah, integrations with knowledge bases like Readwise, Notion, and Roam are coming soon.
Lightning fast YouTube notes
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