Unique characters you can own on the Ethereum blockchain

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Creative! Makes me wonder who will create the "Pokemon for the blockchain". 🤔
@rrhoover This great new crypto-currency and your comment inspires me to think... Major Sports League "Fantasy Drafts" for blockchain... Limited number of buy-in participants (each season) and value determined on player performance. This could be Big League Bigly!! Hype is the major determinant of value... & what's more hype than Major League Sports... Asides Pokemon.
Thanks @rrhoover! We were kind of wondering that same thing. There's some pretty serious barriers to entry for the average consumer still (get an Ethereum wallet, get some Ether, interact with Ethereum code), and some pretty confusing concepts (digital ownership, blockchain, etc.). That being said, there's something weirdly compelling about the whole thing that feels like it could work.
@rrhoover Will it be Pokechain or Blockmon? 🤔
@rrhoover I guess CryptoKitties is the closest we got so far.
Hi! Myself and @pents90 are the creators of CryptoPunks. The idea is basically that there is code running on Ethereum that allows people to claim, and then buy and sell these little characters. Each character is unique and there are 10,000 of them defined. As of right now there are 8904 still available to be claimed. The cool thing about doing this on a blockchain like Ethereum is that they are a truly limited supply, even we can't create more of them. Also, everyone can see and verifies who owns which punks. Here's the list of transactions taking place right now: This was fun to make and we'd be happy to answer any questions you might have!
Update: All of the Aliens have been claimed, and it looks like most of the Apes are gone too. A good number of the zombies look like they're gone, but I still see a few available.
@matthall2000 I'm shamelessly scraping your website right now to find one available. Seems like there are none left! Great project anyway!
@jauny Are you looking for a specific kind of punk, or just any punk to claim?
@matthall2000 I was looking for non human punk (ape, alien or zombie). Seems like they are all taken :) Got a regular one instead!
10,000 unique characters that you can own on the Ethereum blockchain
Cool! Thank you!
Thanks for taking this on guys! Beautiful concept.. and will hopefully help others see how they create on the Ethereum blockchain.