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April 4th, 2021

Zapier on steroids?
Last week the makers of Paragon, a low-code visual builder for API workflows which launched last year, introduced Paragon Connect. The new Connect SDK allows developers to embed user-facing business integrations into their product in minutes. Many engineers in the community were glad to see it:

“This will save months for early-stage teams, great idea & product! 😎” - Trevor Sookraj

According to Paragon, the average company today uses over 100 different cloud apps. The goal of Paragon Connect is to save developers from the repetitive work of integrations. Commenters were quick to make comparisons to Zapier.

Zapier has become a go-to platform for both non-technical people and developers to speed through integrations. Paragon Connect may serve a more technical audience than some of Zapier’s customer base, but feedback shows an appetite for a tool that enables native integrations.

“Incredible product by the team! Much better (and needed) model compared to Zapier." - Shaun Liu

“Zapier on steroids. About time! Great work Paragon.” - Ken Wohl

Paragon co-founder, Brandon Foo explained how it works:

“Paragon… can help offload the (not fun) engineering work... adding configuration UI for each integration, access token management, stitching third-party APIs together, managing webhooks, etc... We simplify [development] by hosting a configuration modal for your integrations and providing a low-code workflow editor to deal with third-party logic instead 🙂 .“

Here are more API launches while you’re at with those integrations:

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Anvil PDF API - Twilio for PDFs
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