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March 17th, 2021

Notion + Roam Research = ?
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We've been known to do the loco-Notion.

Today we’re staying calm with Zenkit’s launch of Hypernotes which hit #1 of Product of the Day last week.

Zenkit first launched onto Product Hunt in 2016. Rather than separate, non-synchronous kanbans and notes, Zenkit puts a team’s data at the core with tools built around it for a single collaborative platform.

Hypernotes is a new addition to this ecosystem which includes Zenkit Base (project management), ToDo (task management), and Zenchat (“chat + tasks”). The new tool is a knowledge management system with many of the features wiki evangelists love.

When asked about key differentiators, Zenkit CEO Martin Welker replied:

“Compared to Notion we've got the graph, EU servers, & chat functions. Compared to Roam - mobile apps, speed 🏃‍♀️, graph functions like focus & collapse, & business admin functions 👍”

He also said there are more, but THE main one is that Hypernotes sits within Zenkit’s interconnected suite. This exchange gave us a peek at the potential.

Early adopters also showed excitement for Hypernotes features and UX.

“Really cool note tool, with top UX! I recommend.” - Dylan Deberge

“Uhhh a knowledge graph... Haven't seen that before. Smart move! 🤓 " - Felix Marmann

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