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March 15th, 2021

Better than scrolling Zillow?
Stimulus checks in the US are coming with surveys showing that 50% of millennials plan to invest it.

We've been covering alternative investment platforms that give investors access to opportunities previously inaccessible to many. For a quick tour of recent launches in this space: In December, we looked at the latest products for managing cryptocurrencies, in March we shared NFT marketplaces to buy minted digital art, and on Friday we traded sports cards on Alt. Today, we're talking about real estate.

Scrolling Zillow is a big hobby for many, so if you don’t want us to ruin home browsing as a leisurely activity, look away.

Ark7 launched this week — a platform where you can buy property shares for as low as $5, making real estate more accessible. Splitting real estate investments isn't totally new, but on Ark7 investors can choose the properties they want to invest in (which have been bought and vetted by Ark7), giving investors a bit more control than they've traditionally had.

Maker Meng Xu explained their launch goals:

“Right now, we have over 800 users who are mostly engineers at the big tech firms in the west coast. We are currently looking for early-stage users to give us feedback on our product and platform.”

Feeling generally overwhelmed about investing? Check these tools out:

💡 Archimedes is an investment learning hub with bite-sized lessons.

🪙 CoinGecko provides a fundamental analysis of the crypto market.

📈 Worth It tracks your money and assets.

If you’re saving that stimulus check, Nova Money gamifies your budgeting to make it fun. 🎮
Get on Ark7
We know who didn't have a case of the Mondays yesterday: Stripe.

We love this 👇

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