Product Hunt Daily Digest
April 3rd, 2018

Google’s new headphones…
Instant Translations 💬
Last summer, Google announced the Pixel Buds: bluetooth headphones that promised to instantly translate ANY language, directly into your ear.

It's like someone invented a real-life Babel fish.

But... they haven't taken off. Awkward pauses while you wait for the translations, incorrect idioms, and a requisite data connection.

We have a better alternative. ✨

We’ve partnered with our friends with StackSocial to get you a deal on uTalk to understand 130+ languages (or maybe just 1).

✨ Instant translations, no data-connection required
💬 Includes local idioms and real-life vocabulary
🎧 Won't go out of date at the next #GoogleEvent

Get lifetime access today (expires April 29th). One caveat: this translator requires you to memorize a couple words. 😂

Science Inc, LA-based incubator and $100M fund, just launched a new podcast about what goes in to building a company.

"For somebody who knows next to nothing about startups, this podcast had me hooked from the very beginning."

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