Product Hunt Daily Digest
October 6th, 2016

The future is video selfies 📽😁
Social Video Apps
Video is everywhere these days. Your Facebook feed is full of it, Twitter's getting into the game, and YouTube is practically cool-cat-heaven. You may have noticed a few more videos on this website called Product Hunt. 😉

And with the advent of smartphones and broadband, we’re seeing an explosion of social video apps including:

Tribe and Roger are are reinventing the walkie-talkie in different takes
HouseParty is what a group FaceTime would be as a social network
Squad is like Snapchat for groups of friends
Airtime is Sean Parker’s video based app (when he’s not curing cancer)
Amity is a new kind of messaging app (reserve your username ;)

For more, follow the Social Video Apps collection on Product Hunt. 🤗
While we're on the topic of video, the moment we've all been waiting for is here: Prisma can now turn your videos into works of art! Get it here.
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