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#4 Product of the DayOctober 06, 2016
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Thanks so much Jacob for hunting We are EXCITED to announce that we just launched CalendarX – a calendar your audience can follow. “When a user follows your CalendarX calendar, you can push your important events to their personal calendar”. CalendarX is stuffed with kick-ass features and can be used for many different things, e.g. school, sports and event schedules - or promote special deals, grow sales and keep customers returning for more. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!
@michaelnilsson wow, that landing page is so pretty and clean.
@michaelnilsson So far very impressed. Signed up, added some items and embedded the calendar on my website. Will kick more of the tires of other features but so far so good!
I like this! I've been making a few Messenger bots recently and one thing I've manually 'hacked' is a notification/subscription system where users are notified when something happens (if they have chosen to be of course) like a live event. Having this as a plugin/integration could be really cool
@bentossell 10/10 I like the sound of this and that! 🚀
@as_austin would be useful Inside FB Messenger - get it 😏
@bentossell I do, I do. 📣😏
Hi Michael. Looks great but I wondering why I should use it? Where is the advantage over the f.ex Google Calendar? Tell us something more.
@marcinodchyl1 great question. wanted to ask the same.
@marcinodchyl1 @aramiggs Thanks for asking guys! Google Calendar is great! CalendarX makes it very easy for users to subscribe to a calendar. With Google Calendar (and other calendars) it's a real hassle. Your average user wouldn't even bother. With CalendarX you have the opportunity to add custom fields to a subscribe form, which the user can enter prior to subscribing to the calendar. That enables you to know who that subscriber is, where he is from etc. You also have the option to block a subscriber. Useful if you use it for your company, and an employee left the company - you would want to block him from accessing the calendar. CalendarX has statistics too. How many people is following your calendar, who un-followed etc. Last but not least CalendarX has an embeddable calendar as well, which can be custom styled to fit your website design.
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@michaelnilsson @marcinodchyl1 thanks for the answer, Michael. The idea of reimagining calendar functionality looks really promissing. Hope this grows into something really Big! Good luck!
@aramiggs @marcinodchyl1 My pleasure Aram and thanks so much!
This is actually really interesting as a marketing tool. Testing asap. @boetter @michaelnilsson
@elizabethhunker Thank you Elizabeth! Get back to us if you have any questions!
Hey guys! Awesome product, I love it. Please add support for the Russian language, me and my team would really appreciate it :) Right now, if we setup the follow page with the text in Russian, it only shows ???????? symbols :( something with fonts I guess
@vasily_kuznetsov Hi Vasily, thanks so much for letting us know. It was tested with a lot of different languages, but they all belonged to the latin character sets. Russian has been added along with (hopefully) any other language.