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April 27th, 2020

And the winner is... 🥁
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It’s time to announce the winner of Maker Fest WFH edition and the recipient of a highly coveted Silver Kitty trophy. 😻🏆

The theme for this festival was products that focus on relief efforts (in any form) for the COVID-19 pandemic. Let’s break down the numbers, first:

• Over 500 makers participated, submitting more than 90 products
• More than 1700 upvotes helped determine the winner

After an impressive response to the challenge, we’re happy to announce the winner is Charlie Holtz of Goodnight Zoom! 😴

Goodnight Zoom enables remote story time with an isolated senior. To connect as many people as possible, it was launched as a free product and was inspired by the creators own experience during quarantine.

"While we've all been isolated, my grandparents have started to read stories to my younger cousins via video chat, which has been a great way for my grandparents to feel connected and loved," says the maker Charlie Holtz. “Many of our seniors are especially isolated right now, so I thought it would be nice to connect them to kids all across the US for a remote storytime.”

Here’s what PH had to say about it:

“Wholesome product of the day!” - Arin

“This is the most heartwarming idea I have ever seen! I This is such a uniting platform - in current times more that ever.” - Anastasia

Let’s celebrate the runners up of Makers Fest too 👏

Salut, created by Matthew DiPietro, let’s you find free virtual fitness classes and trainers, and you can donate to the trainer directly in the app

DIY Face Shield, created by Fajar Siddiq, helps you make your own PPE out of a laptop cover, created by Csongor Bókay and Jeremiah Smith let’s you start Zoom meetings on the fly from any tab, browser of app for free

Congrats to all the makers who spent time and energy developing products for a noble cause. 🏆
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