Product Hunt Weekly Digest
October 29th, 2017

Brain-enhancing music for work 🎧
Brain Music 🎧
The right type of audio can help you focus when you really need to. Grab your AirPods (if you can find them) and fire up your Spotify Time Capsule, or, you can achieve your goals in an enhanced state of mind. 🎶

•’s AI-powered audio tracks are like a mind-focusing drug
• FocusMusicFM has an endless stream of (EDM) music for work
• Chill N' Sound mixes ambient sounds to boost your productivity
• Noizio plays ambient background sounds from your Mac's menubar
Tide is a slick app that combines a focus timer with sounds of nature
• GitHub Audio generates calming work music based on your GitHub

For more, check out the Brain Music collection on Product Hunt.
Last week was eventful for all sorts reasons. ICYMI...

Monday: You're (still) invited to our Global Hackathon 🌍
Tuesday: A stealth startup raised $60M for Excel-killer ☠️
Wednesday: Amazon wants to let strangers into your home 👀
Thursday: We curated the Ultimate Marketing Stack for Startups 📈
Friday: Strangest products ever. New Stranger Things is here! 🌀

P.S. The latest AngelList Weekly was just released. ✌️
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