Product Hunt Daily Digest
August 25th, 2016

Back to school school school school school 🎓
🎓 Back to School/Work 👔
Whether you're just getting back to work from vacation or back to school from (a longer) vacation, the right apps will keep you productive and ahead of the curve. Some of the essentials:

📋 Create a beautiful Standard Resume that looks great anywhere
🎓 LinkedIn Students will show you career paths you didn't know existed
🚶 Oristand is a super affordable and portable $29 standing desk
🙇 FocusList is a daily planner based on the Pomodoro technique
👻 Lifestage is Facebook's new app (made for teens by a teen)

For more, check out the full Back to School collection on Product Hunt.
Elon Musk's Favorite Books: A collection of books recommended by Elon Musk in interviews and talks, including the inspiration behind SpaceX and Tesla. 📚🚀
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