Product Hunt Daily Digest

Introducing Y Combinator’s newest startups 💥🚀
Yesterday, Y Combinator revealed its latest batch which includes everything from gas delivery to spill-proof sofas. Many of those startups have already made their mark on Product Hunt, including:

👥 Scale helps you scale your workforce with just one line of code
👴 GoGoGrandparent lets grandpa call an Uber without a smartphone
📺 Burrow Sofa is the spill-proof, pet-friendly, Netflix binge ready sofa
💊 The Multiply Pill is your own personalized supplement pill
🤗 lollicam is like Snapchat, for GIFs

Follow the Y Combinator Summer 2016 collection as the remaining companies are announced later this afternoon in the second day of Demo Day. 🚀
YC Summer 2016 🚀
A student developer in Copenhagen built an unofficial desktop app for Instagram called Ramme. Check it out. 🖥👀
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