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February 28th, 2023


TikTok is rolling out an update that will automatically limit users under 18 to 60 minutes of screen time, after which they’ll be asked for a passcode to keep scrolling.

Know things pro investors know

Investing today can be daunting. Markets are volatile and trends shift quickly. Most of us understand that investors need to have a keen understanding of macro events, trends, and anomalies in the economy, but knowing where to look is the hard part.

That's why the team at Global Predictions built PortfolioPilot Insights.

“We’re on a mission to empower everyday people to become more confident self-directed investors by providing easy-to-use, free products and insights that have traditionally been available only to the pros,” says maker Alexander Harmsen, co-founder of Global Predictions, who previously co-founded a YC-backed company for drone object avoidance.

Tracking economic events and influences: PortfolioPilot Insights is a feed of essential macroeconomic insights designed to help people make better investing decisions. In other words, the goal is to give self-directed investors a high-level overview of the economy. The team says it gives investors digestible and unbiased information about what's impacting the economy. It's personalized, too.

A personalized trends feed: Users can link their 401k, crypto, real estate, and investment accounts to get automated recommendations tailored to their unique portfolios. Sign-up isn’t required to access the feed,  but you do have to sign up and link your portfolio to personalize it to your situation.

Risk mitigation for individuals: Investing is all about taking risks and you can’t escape that. The goal for the team behind PortfolioPilot Insights is to make macroeconomic information more accessible so individual investors can at least make more informed decisions to manage and minimize those risks.

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