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February 22nd, 2023


Remember Tome, the storytelling tool founded by makers Henri Liriani and Keith Peiris, both ex-Meta? Their software — which lets users build pitches, presentations, prototypes and more from simple prompts or app integrations, with the help of AI — just raised $43M in a Series B, valuing Tome at $300 million.

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Yesterday, Notion announced that the AI-powered version of their productivity platform is now accessible to everyone. The move follows ten weeks of user testing of the invite-only ALPHA version, which launched last November.

Putting AI where it's useful: For the most part, generative AI is still quite copy-paste dependent, and ChatGPT’s UI is, well, what it is. Notion AI is also powered by GPT-3, but using it is as simple as creating a new page in Notion and selecting “Start writing with AI.”

Humans less lazy than expected: “We imagined many people would use Notion AI to ‘Write a blog post,’ ‘Write a press release,’ or ‘Write a sales email,’” said Notion co-founder Ivan Zhao in yesterday’s announcement. “In reality, these prompts were not frequently used… The #1 way people interact with Notion AI is highlighting existing text and asking AI for help.”

Start for free: Everybody in your workspace gets 20 credits to try Notion AI for free until April 5, 2023. Users can then add Notion AI to their workspaces at $10 per member per month. Because Notion’s using GPT-3, it’s likely OpenAI is taking a cut of that fee for every query.

Mass adoption coming in hot: The integration of AI into big-name products is becoming commonplace at an exponential speed. In the last week alone: Social scheduling platform Buffer and document software provider Coda both launched new AI assistants, and Spotify unveiled an AI-powered DJ who’ll call you by your name and give you context about why you’re hearing the songs you’re hearing.

Infamously, according to author James Clear, if you want to form a new habit, you have to do four things. You’ve got to make the new behavior 1. obvious, 2. attractive, 3. easy and 4. satisfying.

By putting generative AI right in front of 30 million users, Notion just made AI-powered productivity the new normal.

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