Product Hunt Daily Digest
February 21st, 2023


Yesterday, we launched the new Product Hunt Chrome extension! 🎉 Install it to make trend and product discovery a seamless part of your daily workflow.

Also in today’s digest: Morning Brew’s new daily podcast, an AI-powered customer feedback summarizer, a free database of over 2K startup accelerators and incubators, and more.

A new podcast from Morning Brew

Morning Brew — the newsletter that launched from a University of Michigan dorm room in 2015 and 5 years later sold a majority stake to Insider for $75 million — has launched a daily podcast.

The Brew, now audio/visual: The new pod and accompanying YouTube channel are both called Morning Brew Daily, and will apparently ⁠follow the same formula that helped grow the flagship daily newsletter of the same name to 4 million+ subscribers. “It's like the Morning Brew of podcasts,” says the company’s Chief Content Officer, Devin Emery.

“For almost 10 years, one of the most repeated questions founders Alex and Austin have been asked is ‘Why doesn't Morning Brew have a daily podcast show?’ Well, the time is right!”

The expansion of an empire: Morning Brew’s inventory now includes 11 newsletters and 5 podcasts. Their business model is dependent on advertising and sponsorships, with reporting in 2019 attributing 95% of their overall revenue to the OG daily newsletter, which at the time had 1.5 million subscribers.

For 2021, Morning Brew reported “about” $50M in revenue, followed up by $36M in H1 of 2022.

Not their first multimedia rodeo: This isn’t the Brew’s first foray into the world of podcasts, having already established audio brands like Business Casual, Imposters, The Crazy Ones and Money With Katie, the last two of which are also on YouTube.

This latest podcast — Morning Brew’s sixteenth content vertical — will be the first to publish business-oriented news and stories daily in both podcast and video format, and is hosted by Managing Editor Neal Freyman and “Brew OG” Toby Howell.

Tune in to BrewTube
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