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October 23rd, 2018

This stealth startup raised $140M for AR glasses πŸ€“
Yesterday this stealth startup – backed by Y Combinator, Spark Capital, Amazon Alexa Fund, and others – announced $140M (!!!) in funding to build next gen Google Glass. But unlike Google's dorky headgear, these smart glasses look like something you'd find at Warby Parker. Words won't do it justice. Watch the video.

Some initial reactions from the Product Hunt community:

β€œLooks like a scene from a Kingsmen movie” β€” Kaivalya

β€œFeels like this can deliver on the promise of smart watches to provide less disruptive notifications.” β€” Kris


While the Focals look like Warby's, they're not priced like Warby's. They're available for pre-order for a whopping $999, a heavy price tag for this first generation model which ships sometime next year. But new tech like this always starts expensive before it becomes affordable for the mainstream, and fortunately there's competition for your eyes:

β€’ Apple is rumored to be building smart glasses.

β€’ The hyped Florida-based startup recently launched the Magic Leap One.

β€’ Snap has v2 of Spectacles (which lacks an AR HUD... for now).

β€’ Google Glass still exists, built for the enterprise.

And many others are competing in this space, hopeful to become the next big platform, the same way the iPhone changed the world when it was introduced by Steve Jobs in 2007. Take a look (pun intended... sorry) at the Focals and feel free to share your thoughts in the discussion.
See the Focals

In the latest episode of Product Hunt Radio, TechCrunch's Josh Constine and Sarah Buhr.

We talk about some of their favorite products including a robot that makes burgers, a time-sucking app for meme lovers, and a virtual assistant that can do things for you when you run out of time (because you were browsing memes). Listen and subscribe via your favorite podcast app.

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