Magic Leap Creator Edition is the first product revealed from the super stealthy AR startup. The Creator Edition includes a headset, lightpack, and control.

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For magic leap to justify the hype and it's valuation it has to be the OASIS
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@chris_herd exactly were I was thinking of
@chris_herd i’d not be surprised if spielberg, cline and co will have a tie-in come the theatrical release in march
@chris_herd - More like the AR in Vernor Vinge's _Rainbows End_.
This looks a bit different than the leaked prototype from Business Insider earlier this year. Magic Leap has remains super stealthy over the years yet managed to raise nearly $2B (!!!) in funding, dropping the occasional teaser video:
Expectations are incredibly high, but so is the opportunity. AR will dramatically change the way we see the world, communicate, and interact with technology. It's just a matter of when. Curious to hear what everyone thinks of this. The device is shipping in 2018.
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@rrhoover wow those are bulkier than I imagined! Hopefully it is a lot better than the holo lens. I tried the holo lens and it was underwhelming.
@rrhoover I think this is actually going to be a big leap forward. Followed since its birth, I've found many "philosophical" aspects that Rony is taking care of, matching my thoughts regarding how this kind of things should be done, that he's breaking my quite hard barriers. Plus, I like the website :) And the "Platform Features" section is poetry coming from another world.
Is their icon a porg????
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@kevando_ maybe two pigeons looking left and right
looks like something "Riddick" would wear
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@rickats "You keep what you kill" could be their marketing hook.