Product Hunt Weekly Digest
April 24th, 2022

A $10M micro-acquisition

You may have heard tales of start-ups being sold on eBay (see: Justin Kan’s first start-up, Kiko), but a big part of the coverage in today’s tech news tends to be focused on large acquisitions. The world of M&A goes beyond tech giants acquiring smaller companies though.

EarlyAcquire launched last week as a marketplace for buying and selling side projects. What makes this different is that the team aims “to provide the best curated deals under $10k before anyone else can get them on other networks,” as well as allow anonymous acquisitions. Once you submit your project, the EarlyAcquire team reviews and publishes it for others to see. When someone is interested in buying, you can start negotiating using its internal messaging system.

EarlyAcquire is not the first of its kind. MicroAcquire made a splash when it launched a couple of years ago, with almost 7,000 of you upvoting it. The product has seen 500+ acquisitions since its debut and over $300M in closed deals. Yesterday, MicroAquire’s founder announced the first $10M deal. Some called it a MassiveAcquire.

Golden Kitty Award winner, Tiny Acquisitions, also recently launched its second iteration. While the platform started with the premise of strictly allowing deals under $5k, it recently announced it’s expanding to accommodate listings of projects up to $100k.

If you’re a micro-SaaS founder and considering making an exit one day but need a little help growing, launched a few days ago to help makers find product partnerships, reduce customer acquisition costs, and mutually expand customer bases.

Buy or sell?
  • Zoom launched Zoom Whiteboard to collaborate using infinite canvas, sticky notes, and easy sharing.

  • It’s said that doing something for 100 consecutive days makes it a habit. Law of 100 helps you choose, track, and share progress for 100 days.

  • Lottus allows you to share knowledge and facts daily, and learn from others doing the same.

  • Coinbase launched Coinbase NFT, a social marketplace that allows you to buy, store NFTs and use a self-custody crypto wallet to log in.

  • Directs Space lets you create anonymous contact forms on your Github account for other devs to ask questions about your projects.

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