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April 18th, 2022

A virtual desk to centralize work, notes, to-dos, and meetings

“I’ll think about this later,” you tell yourself as you read yet another Slack message or email that you very well know will forget to reply to. Until it’s time to switch off for the night and the mental note you made randomly creeps in.

The task management space is an attractive one (albeit, rather crowded) for both makers and consumers as it seems like each launch is targeted at different types of users and needs. While, generally speaking, most of these apps help you accomplish the same thing – organize and remember to do stuff – the way they do that can look different.

Mindmesh, which is launching today after three months in closed beta, integrates with all of your apps through a browser extension. What this means is that if you receive an email you need to act on but don’t have the time right away, you can send it to your “virtual desk.” The same goes for apps like Github, Slack, or Figma. Once your tasks, notes, or events are there, you can choose if you want to act upon them or hit snooze.

The makers interviewed over 300 product people to figure out what’s blocking their productivity, to which they’ve noticed a recurring pain point of having to context switch and jump from one task to another. Mindmesh aims to solve this by allowing you to set aside what’s not urgent and focus on the task at hand.

While some may choose traditional note-taking apps like Supernotes or Reflect to create a backlog of their to-dos, here are some other approaches:

🍱 Bento helps you do less by structuring your tasks into a “packing box” with only three compartments. Much like a bento box, this forces you to only focus on the essential.

➡️ Schedulist lets you add anything as a task, including images and files, which you then swipe once completed.

Taskable 2.0 and Llama Life use time-blocking to give more context to how much of your to-do list you can complete.

🎨 For the creative folks, you might want to check out these visual knowledge bases.

Finally, if you’re more of a “pen and paper” person and only need to remember tasks every once in a while, Time and Again can help remind you to water your plants, clean your room, or replace your toothbrush.

Set up your virtual desktop
  • Spotify launched Spotify for Pets to help create a playlist for you and your meowellous friend.

  • The Pitch team is launching Recordings which allows you to embed short videos recorded directly on your presentations.

  • Spiti Connect lets you securely share and collaborate on your videos with external people.

  • Fundraising? Slidebean All-Access offers resources that help you build your pitch deck, set up your company’s financial model, and browse investors.

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