Product Hunt Daily Digest
February 28th, 2022

Homeward bound

Finding a place to live doesn’t look like it used to.

For one thing, people are having a really tough time buying a home all over the world. Renting sucks, too. An extremely competitive market along with the pandemic has changed the way people find their homes. Then there are bullish metaverse investors dropping fat stacks on digital real estate, but that’s another story.

As the world changes, new startups look for ways to open doors to forever and temporary homes.

Home Ownership
DwellWell: When Matthew Canzoneri set out to move from daydreaming on Zillow to taking action on buying a home, he found the process was difficult with information scattered, biased, or generalized. He and Sam Carow set out to make the home buying process seamless. DwellWell offers a guided experience with education, decision-making tools, and connections to experts to help you buy a home.

Realm: Once a buyer closes on their home, they’re left to make it on their own, too. As Liz Young points out, “from the day you buy a home… you’re faced with a series of expensive and confusing decisions: how much to spend on renovations, when to refinance, which projects will increase home value, is it time to move?” Realm helps users navigate home-ownership by making sense of data, enabling you to make smarter decisions about how to invest in your home.

LeaseLeads: As web developers in the real-estate space, Dave Freund and his co-founders have seen how important in-person leasing is for converting apartment hunting leads to leases. LeaseLeads is a virtual leasing tool for multi-family property owners and operators. It offers virtual (bot-less) property tours, in-person tour scheduling, and ideal-floor plan matching for renters.

Split Lease: For renters seeking a secondary address, there’s Split Lease. An uptick in remote and hybrid work has led to more people seeking non-traditional lifestyles with bi-coastal living or workcations. Split Lease lets you rent certain days of the week each week, or weeks of the month each month. You only pay for the nights you need.

On the hunt now? Check out Relo, a tool to organize your apartment research in one place, and Playhouse, an actionable “TikTk for real estate.”

Find your next address

Character is what happens when a Dutch programmer and a German psychology expert get stuck together in lockdown. The two makers built Character to help others make new friends based on thought-provoking questions.

You swipe right or left on prompts like “I had an overall happy childhood” and get matched with like-minded people, while also exploring your own personality.

A beginner’s guide to DAOs
What are DAOs? A decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) is a group organized around a mission that coordinates through a shared set of rules enforced on a blockchain.
  • We’re big fans of Wordle at Product Hunt, so Heardle caught our attention when it launched over the weekend. It’s like Wordle, but for music.

  • The Silk Collective is on a mission to become a community-run fashion brand, merging NFT collectibles with physical silk scarves.

  • Ankr helps cancer patients choose the right treatment, prevent and manage side effects, and keep family involved in their care.

  • Pylon automatically builds a development environment from your Github repository that you can share with others and collaborate.