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January 26th, 2022

Crowdfunding art

Today is THE day. We’ll see you soon for the Golden Kitty Awards 2021 ceremony, starting at 9am PST. Sign up to watch here.

You might have heard that Twitter launched NFT profile pictures recently (though it’s still working to enable fully on-chain NFTs). Now Reddit is testing a similar feature.

Updates like this are fodder for those in the right-clicker camp, but the NFT ecosystem grows almost daily.

While celebs and Lamborghinis continue to make headlines, many in this space got into NFTs to share or support art (and sure, maybe that piece will be worth something in the future, too). A new launch today helps art connoisseurs make a bigger impact than profile pics. Letsmint just debuted its NFT crowdfunding platform. Maker Darina Lysachkina explained that the goal is to provide “essential launching conditions” for artists, including finances, an audience, and technical tools.

We’ve also written a lot about how makers are using NFTs to enable member organizations to engage meaningfully with each other and brands. The latest headlines in this space merge real-life experience with blockchain tech.

  • Poolsuite launched an NFT collection with exclusives for members, with your membership card integrated into Apple Wallet.
  • Steve Aoiki and Manifold just launched A0K1VERSE, a new ecosystem that lets NFT holders and collectors unlock on-chain and physical experiences.
  • Moonpay just dropped a plug-and-play service companies can use to give customers a streamlined way to buy and sell NFTs using a credit card.

Then there’s the (not-so-)real estate boom. Metaverses like Decentraland and The Sandbox have linked digital property to NFTs and established fixed quantities of land, opening the doors for people to pay hefty sums of crypto for “a 116-parcel estate in the heart of Decentraland’s Fashion Street district.”

There are so many more entry points into this space than we had even 6 months ago. Even if you’re not that into art, Poolsuite's vibes or Decentraland house parties may be your gateway into web3. But if you are...

Crowdfund an NFT

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