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February 21st, 2022

When you're bloated on spam

We’ll take a salty Spam musubi any day.

It’s the robocalls on the rise that send us spiraling — is this the future?

In the US, the FCC’s Consumer Complaint Center reported that robocalls comprised 55 percent of all complaints in 2020. So last summer, while the FCC was really feeling that new James Bond movie, it implemented new standards for phone service providers called STIR/SHAKEN. Long story short, STIR/SHAKEN is supposed to help weed out the bad guys from the good guys (like when Walgreens is just calling to let you know that your prescription is ready). But some experts have called out giant loopholes in how the standards are implemented.

Other countries aren’t faring much better with their spam intake. In the UK, automated messages started accounting for half of all nuisance-call complaints received at the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO). Another report identified India is the fourth worst country to be affected by spam calls and messages. Brazil is first.

Unlined launched today with a simple but lofty promise: no more unwanted phone calls. Unlined filters your incoming calls, checking who the caller is and your calendar before routing the call. That means it can be handy for blocking spammers and eliminating distractions while you’re preoccupied.

Unlined is new (in beta) from the Seedcamp-backed, Austrian-founded startup, Yodel, which launched its digital receptionist software back in 2016. The software routes calls to the right people in your company and lets those people manage the call in chat applications like Slack (Google had a competitor called CallJoy, but it shut it down in 2020).

If you want to take spam prevention a step further, you can also check out Removaly. While Unlined may help you stop unwanted calls at your phone, unfortunately, your personal information is likely already all over the internet for anyone to Google. “People search sites,” or data brokers, compile your information and sell it for profit. You can request that these sites remove your info, but doing so from each and every site out there is time manual and time-consuming. Removaly submits these requests for you.

Hold the spam

Alfie is a health program for men that combines doctor-prescribed medication, 1:1 health coaching, and community-based competition to help you lose 15% of your weight on average.

“With backgrounds in biomedical engineering and medicine, we strived to create a solution that addressed the largest risk factor for specific men’s health issues like erectile dysfunction, benign prostatic hyperplasia, and hormonal imbalance: obesity,” maker Alexander shares on Alfie’s launch.

To your man cave
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