Add your business phone to Slack

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Thomas Schranz ⛄️
@__tosh · Co-founder & CEO, Blossom
Yodel allows you to make and receive 'oldschool' phone 📞 calls from within Slack. It's actually quite a good fit for a Slack integration because you get a nice cross-platform call log. Another nice feature is that every 'call' also is a URL that you can share with others. Well thought through use cases.
Thomas Peham
@tompeham · startup marketing guy
Just signed up for Yodel & looking forward testing it. We have already a phone number. Can I take it with me? And one more thing: Can I only talk via the browser or also on the mobile? How does this work?
Nick Coates
@gadgick · Creative developer / Tools @ Symantec
Phew! I was slightly concerned as to why Yodel was hunted... here in the UK we have a parcel courier/delivery company called Yodel & to put it blunt: they are not good & have a bad reputation! However, a sigh of relief, this isn't them but instead an awesome product! I'm a huge fan of 'old school' phones (and text/SMS - got something in the pipeline … See more
Teresa Hammerl
@colazionearoma · Socialmediapreneur
hi @mikeseeh! quick question: slack announced their own voice calling feature just some days ago. why is yodel different? :)
Salomé Bidaux
@__tosh great hunt!