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Yodel is the first software that gives you a greater flexibility in how to handle your phone calls, and all this right in Slack. Personalize Yodel to the T. See beforehand who is calling and know their reason. Keyword-matching, enables Yodel to route callers to the right department/person. Works in 17 languages and offers numbers in 100 countries.




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Thomas Schranz ⛄️Hunter@__tosh · Co-founder & CEO, Blossom
Yodel allows you to make and receive 'oldschool' phone 📞 calls from within Slack. It's actually quite a good fit for a Slack integration because you get a nice cross-platform call log. Another nice feature is that every 'call' also is a URL that you can share with others. Well thought through use cases.
Mike HeiningerMaker@mikeseeh · Co-Founder, Yodel
@__tosh thanks for hunting us! Cool that you like the integration! We have built Yodel as our distributed team lives in Slack and we were unhappy with other phone solutions on the market. If you have questions about a particular use case … just ask … we are around :-) This is how it works: https://www.yodel.io/demovideo/
Thomas Peham@tompeham · startup marketing guy
Just signed up for Yodel & looking forward testing it. We have already a phone number. Can I take it with me? And one more thing: Can I only talk via the browser or also on the mobile? How does this work?
Mike HeiningerMaker@mikeseeh · Co-Founder, Yodel
@tompeham great! have fun yodeling!
Mike HeiningerMaker@mikeseeh · Co-Founder, Yodel
Yes! We can port numbers into Yodel. Contact support to start the process …
Mike HeiningerMaker@mikeseeh · Co-Founder, Yodel
To answer on the mobile you can forward the call to your mobile number with a single click. In addition we will have a mobile app in a few weeks to answer the calls directly.
Mike HeiningerMaker@mikeseeh · Co-Founder, Yodel
forgot :-) if you use Slack on the mobile this works too … Yodel is responsive!
@mikeseeh super, looking forward to see the app working ;-)
Nick Coates@gadgick · Building little web products to 🚀
Phew! I was slightly concerned as to why Yodel was hunted... here in the UK we have a parcel courier/delivery company called Yodel & to put it blunt: they are not good & have a bad reputation! However, a sigh of relief, this isn't them but instead an awesome product! I'm a huge fan of 'old school' phones (and text/SMS - got something in the pipeline that uses text/SMS). Keen to see what my team thinks of this! Congrats!
Mike HeiningerMaker@mikeseeh · Co-Founder, Yodel
@gadgick Haha! Thanks for this comment! Too funny! You know – we are from Austria and are yodeling all day … Happy yodeling!
Teresa Hammerl@colazionearoma · Socialmediapreneur
hi @mikeseeh! quick question: slack announced their own voice calling feature just some days ago. why is yodel different? :)
Mike HeiningerMaker@mikeseeh · Co-Founder, Yodel
@colazionearoma Thanks for asking this. We are super happy that Slack started to integrate voice so people get used to make calls via Slack. Slack calls is limited to team communications so you cannot call regular phones. With Yodel you can get phone numbers in over 40 countries. It’s a business phone system that is integrated directly into Slack as a bot. When people call you on your Yodel landline number you can answer the call from Slack. You can even call out from Slack!
Teresa Hammerl@colazionearoma · Socialmediapreneur
@mikeseeh great, thanks! ☎️
Salomé Bidaux@salomebdx
@__tosh great hunt!
Mike HeiningerMaker@mikeseeh · Co-Founder, Yodel