What sounds make/help you fall asleep fast? 🎶😴
Nature sounds
White noise
Urban/City sounds
Guided meditation
Calm music
Hi PH!🐱‍🏍 💤Please also let me know whether you have used any sleep apps and how your experience was with using them. What did you like and not like? I would highly appreciate any feedback! ❤
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A good guided meditation can make me fall asleep before it ends!
@abadesi thank you! How long does it usually take you to fall asleep? What apps do you use?
I'm not using any sleep apps anymore (when I did, I used Sleep Cycle app) and none from options above. But last few years, I'm going to sleep almost every day with lectures and seminars of Alan Watts in my ears, can only recommend - not only that his voice is calming, but you'd also learn something useful ;)
@jankovarik thank you, Jan! Why did you stop using Sleep Cycle? Have you also tried guided meditation?
@aleksandr_lanin You're welcome Aleksandr ;) I just didn't like the idea to have the phone such close to my body, every night. Simple Zazen is all I need, even if it maybe require more effort at first, in a long term is the best way, at least for me. But guided meditation can be good too, that's true, it depends on why are you doing it and what's your aim (if any) ;)
Kalahari desert 🏜️ night 😴 sounds or Amazon night rainfall.
@kellvin_aongola nature sounds are winning! Thank you for your response:)
The sound of my keyboard ;)
@ryzalyusoff even if it's really loud?:)
@aleksandr_lanin Rain sound can never be really loud :P
@ryzalyusoff personally I wake up when it's pouring rain :D everyone is different tho
@aleksandr_lanin Haha yes. It makes me wanna hide in my blanket more :D
Guided meditation is 👌 and no phone for at least 1hr before sleeping!
@gamarantor thank you for your response! This is really difficult for me to get off my phone before sleep :(
Sound that was playing all the day and turned off just before I went to sleep. Sometime when I work late I am listening to lofi youtube radio.
@ninjo interesting! Thank you fro your response!
The best move is trying to blink 100 times! Usually make it to about 30 before it's lights out :D
@true_connect wow! Will try that out :D
Having 'Friends' (the TV series) play on the background 😝I've seen it like 100 of times and it just calms me down somehow 🤷‍♀️
@aleksandr_lanin haha! Great to know I'm not the only one 😅
Squeaks of nintendo switch joycons near by)
Cat purring on Alexa.
Try to listen to White Noise. My doctor said that it clms down and even some moms give it to their babies when they are crying
@john_banko oh yeah, I know that there are even special toys with the white noise to calm down babies!
Sport! Every time I can't sleep I would turn on TV and put on football, I fall asleep in less than 20 min. It's loud but somehow it makes me super sleepy :D
Going to bed with intention to sleep
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