Your Personal Examples of how UX boosts Conversion Rate

Yulya Pron
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Alright, guys Let's once and for all prove to UX skeptics that UX is worth investing in. This morning I bumped onto an article that says that UX has paramount importance, but it's never 'the urgent thing to do'. Well, this is true but it also beats me that not everyone understands how important UX really is. So I collected a few examples of how UX boosts conversion and leaving them below. 1. - The case when a single button change brought in $300M in revenue 2. - Better UX design could increase the conversion rate by 400% Personal example. When we at Fulcrum Rocks made the contact email on the website clickable - we noticed that more leads wrote to us, thanks to just this one little thing. I'd love you to share your success cases when certain UX improvements boosted the conversion rate. Ready, Steady, Go!


advait vaidya
I changed my tutorial popup copy from (Heading - how to use | Skip button - Skip ) to (Heading - Learn how to use within a minute | Skip button - I can use). It increased the core engagement by 200% Product -