Your Investment strategy for November?

Akash Kori
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Curious about how you all are planning for the Investment strategy this month, with the US hitting the debt ceiling, Taxation on Unrealized Gains, the Energy crisis in China and throughout the World, Supply Chain disruption, Climate change, and more...


Amarnath Nagula
I want to stick to my investment process that is dollar-cost averaging be it in crypto or stocks.
Alina Ihnatiuk
Perhaps I am missing something in my life, but .... I do not invest anything and anywhere :D
Ira GI
I invest in digital art and cryptocurrencies ... I will not tell strategies)))
Jack taylor
I put my money aside and wait for an opportunity. People have less and less money, there will certainly be an investment opportunity.
I chose cryptocurrency investment for myself. Now this asset is more competitive and can bring profit. Cryptocurrencies are traded between agreed parties without a broker and are tracked in digital ledgers. Buying and selling bitcoin through online exchangers does not require intermediaries. Here you can independently choose an exchanger and make a decision for yourself
Cristi Lungu
as we see, it didn't work that well
Danny Blue
Honestly, I think that you can only consider a monthly strategy at the beginning of the month, when you can see the market trends and how the market reacts to the new trends. At least, that's how I do it, and I can tell you from my own experience that it's the most efficient strategy. It helps you adapt to all the new things and the new trend of the market. Nowadays, it's much easier to make money, as you can check the interest rates on You can choose the most profitable region to have the biggest revenue.
Kirman Smith
The variety of various investment features is really huge. That is why it is really important to read more information about it, so is an ideal feature where you can easily read a plenty of different news and ideal technologies how to invest without any problems and on what to pay attention to.
Amanda Trincher
You must understand that any external problems, cataclysms, crises simply open up other investment opportunities. You may not even have thought about some of them. Consider investing in land, or even buy private island to develop for rent or resale for the future