Your best advice to receive direct feedback ?

Marko M
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Hi all, In general, how do you validate your idea/product ? (My specific case) Launched product Yesterday and it got not traction what so ever, which is ok. At this point, I'd be happy with receiving negative/critique comments on it, but staying in complete dark made me reach out for help and ask for any kind of advice/suggestion in regards to receiving direct feedback.


Dimitris Karavias
What problem are you trying to solve, and for who? Find the people who have the problem and talk to them about it (but not your product, only their problem). Then adapt your product and let them try it- if you still receive no feedback it means you're not solving their real problem and need to ask more targeted questions. For example if someone's problem is "I spend too much time with spreadsheets" maybe the product shouldn't be better spreadsheets but a visual data management tool or better automations.
Marko M
@dkaravias Specific problem would be repetitive job of setting up the new project and providing the data flow demo asap. "Who" would be fellow developers (so far I've talked with about a dozen colleagues) that shared the same frustration with before-mentioned repetition. This is the segment I'm not completely confident, as I haven't received any feedbacks from larger masses (therefore the discussion post). In short, this product aims to shorten the initial stage of development by 1/2/3hrs, depending on the technology and complexity of model. Primary focus is on development convenience, rather than development replacement for example.
Gleb Braverman
Reach out and ask direct questions from people who tried your product. There are plenty of User Research templates on the internet - all of them are a good place to start
Marko M
@gleb_braverman Thanks for suggestion, makes sense. Thought about integrating the some sort of rating system on the website itself or through trusted service.