You can only get startup advice from one person - who is it?

Tyler Dane
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Everyone has an opinion on how to build a startup, especially those who haven't done it well. I want to know the one person who you trust the most on the topic.


I think the most important thing is the stories of people working in the same job!
Ruben Wolff
I have a few quite successful entrepreneur friends. While their products can be very different from mine (, their advice is always welcomed :) Honestly for people who'd be tempted of answering someone like Musk (as I've seen in interviews), I don't think taking advice from billionaires is a good idea, as you can't compare their situation with yours
Tyler Dane
@rubenwolff Jealous about the successful entrepreneur friends! Good point. Another tricky thing about copying the giants like Musk is that their approaches have evolved a lot since their startup days. What he's done now might not have worked during his early days
Jaskiran Kaur
There are so many people. I wish I could take advice from Steve Jobs
David J. Kim
Musk because of the variety of companies he's built. Tesla is way different from Paypal for example.
Jaskiran Kaur
I think Jeff Bezos will be great to get advice. Amazon has become so popular across the globe. Great Marketing strategies too.