Write paper like Microsoft Word, and get LaTeX sourcecode for typesetting

Yadong Zhang
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Here is my own side project: https://github.com/SoftMaple SoftMaple Editor, maybe it's helpful for students and professors writing their paper.


tree lemon
Your side project, the SoftMaple Editor, sounds like a valuable tool for students and professors engaged in academic writing. It appears to offer a user-friendly interface similar to Microsoft Word while generating LaTeX source code, which is highly beneficial for typesetting academic papers. This could be particularly useful for those who need the precision of LaTeX but prefer a more intuitive writing environment like Word​​.
As a student who frequently juggles between assignments and projects, I find the idea of writing in Microsoft Word and seamlessly converting to LaTeX very helpful. Sometimes, though, the writing process itself can be overwhelming, especially when deadlines are tight. That's why I've looked into the link to site for assistance. They provide tailored writing services that can save the day when you're swamped.