Wowza! What do you think of the new PH header and menus? 🤔

Fritz Brumder
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It is amazing how subtle design changes in a product can create a "head tilt" moment when you visit the site for the first time. The head tilt can be good or bad. What is your vote on the new Product Hunt header design? Good head tilt or bad head tilt?


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I think it's a natural progression for them. Bigger is generally better these days, so the large header makes sense. Also the general feeling of PH has felt narrow and small, so this works.
I was a bit confused this morning when I logged in, but the changes are too small in my opinion to decide is was something else than a neutral head tilt
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For me, text now is too small, but maybe I'm not an early adopter hahah
Cofounder, PIE
Other than the notifications alert being too subtle, I'm good with it.