Would you use AI for copywriting?

Kate Hill
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Seeing a lot of cool AI products launching today! Would you use AI for your copywriting or would you prefer to spend more time on your own writing?


Millie Liver
This just popped into my feed - thought I would leave a quick reply! I have used ...pretty much every tool on the market. Some are great. Some have no use (spits out sentences that don't make sense, unfinished content, random stuff...). Have tried Conversion in the past (might be better now) I didn't like it when I used it. Same with Copy.ai their outputs are random and incomplete. Have been working with Craftly.AI for the past two months or so and it's been better than the others. At first it was basic but they launched new framework tools with longer outputs and that has really expedited my writing processes. 9/10 for Craftly. 4/10 for Copy and 6/10 for Conversion.
Kate Hill
@millie_liver That is really good to know! I just signed up for Craftly and I've been liking it so far. I know some people think of AI copywriting as scary, but I feel like I'm in the future 😂
Kit Fach
It seems like a new one shows up everyday lol Personally I like using peppertype.ai if I hit writer's block and just need something to put down on-page and edit later. I also think they work well for quick social media/Twitter posts. I'm curious as to how all the different companies are going to try and differentiate each other since their all based on GPT-3
I've seen a few examples and a few content creators try them out - and to be honest I'd stick them in the category of being half decent for generating an idea of what you need rather than totally relying on them.
Lior Galante Cohen (Vaza)
As someone who isn't a copywriter, I will use it (at least try it out), but I'll take it with a grain of salt. I do think it can bring a fresh perspective and save time, but there still needs to be someone who comes up with the core ideas and reviews the final result. @robingandy interested to hear what you think about this question!
Fabian Maume
It depends :) From my experience AI copywriting tool, produce copy that needs to be reviewed. Now I think that AI tools are good to repurpose content and content distribution. I'm using Missinglettr to distribute my content on Linkedin, and I just realized an AI tool to repurpose blog posts into quora answer at QApop. Now when it comes to writing blog post content I haven't used any AI tool yet, as I mainly wrote niche articles so far. But I would definitely use AI tool for top of funnel generic articles like "top 10 way to X or Z". Writing this type of article is quite boring to me, so an AI could help.
I don’t care that the product uses AI - in fact, I’m skeptical that AI is just being used as a buzzword. Does the product actually produce great copy? I don’t care what technology is used to produce the copy.
Mavlonbek Muratov
@enderm Hello Ender. I'm a maker of https://researchai.co. If you want I can write a short blog post on a given topic and you can judge a quality yourself.
Kashem Miah
I haven't but I've been considering it for social content
I start using it to create ad copy. For short copy like ads, AI is a nice brainstorming tool.
Maybe I would use, but tested 4 services and I am disappointed with the quality.
I would use AI but only for a rough outline or making a draft and when I'm suffering a writer's block that will be edited later.
Archisman Das
I think all of us are using AI in someway already for copywriting. I have tried out a couple of tools and they show promise although they still have a long way to go. There is one challenge I see in the current ML driven world. Most content feeds very soon start becoming very homogeneous and leaves very little to serendipity. As we move towards, AI assisted writing, I think we will start seeing a lot of similar copy all around and then writing something really out of box or different will become a major differentiator.