Would you be interested in a No code Dapp, or smart contract builder for Web 3?

Collin Thompson
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Is there any company out there, making a no code solution for Ethereum, or Solana smart contracts? I'm curious to know what has been anyone's experience with using any of these tools, and why you decided to opt for a no code solution to build an NFT or DeFi product? My thinking is that no code is still quite nascent in web2, so there would be less of it in Web3, but I haven't searched around or tested this out. Who's making No code developer tools for Web3 and blockchain smart contracts? Would you be interested in a No code Dapp, or smart contract builder for Web 3?


Mohmmad Khalaf
https://tatum.io/ is a company that has built a plugin for WordPress which allows you to create an NFT market. in my opinion, Web 3.0 is still not mature yet because we don't have any idea how it would look like. If you are willing to build something that you believe can bring value back to users and you can prove it then, you should go for it.
Collin Thompson
@mohammadkhalaf yeah, for all the hype there is still a long way to go before people really start to use and understand the full potential of Web3. it's shocking how difficult it is to build these applications.
Eudald Camprubi
I would definitely love such a tool. What I am a bit afraid about it is that I am still not sure about how DeFi projects will look like in the futre, and what will happen if governments start regulating Dapps
Collin Thompson
@eudald_camprubi regulatory uncertainty is a real issue. I have alot of lawyer friends that are really into defi— maybe contracts that have some ability to comply with real world laws? I'm a bit stuck though on imaging a cool and fun UI for contract building. got any ideas?
Eudald Camprubi
@techronin thanks for the replay. I really don't have any idea that could be useful since I am not an expert on Dapps. What I would try is to find a very easy example to explain Daap applications for "mums". From that point I would generate some community around and get feedback.
One day soon, anyone will be able to create via no-code on the blockchain as easily as we craft and edit a post for instagram today. Until then, no-code has many milestones to achieve. It makes me wonder, what is no-code's biggest downfall/bottle neck/ limitation? In other words, what is the first aspect of no code that need urgently needs improvement? - Landon
Nate Zapata
Our platform Hub.flexsmart.io allows you to create any type of smart contract without the need for code. https://www.producthunt.com/post...
Giancarlo Sanchez
Gm! My name is Giancarlo, I’m a software engineer working on a new Web3 project “Dappify” https://dappify.com you can follow us in discord https://discord.gg/wZcwX9hh . I’m building a CMS platform from Web3 templates such as NFT marketplace. Builders with no coding experience can setup their custom branded NFT marketplace and we take care of the rest. More use cases “templates” to come. I welcome everyone, from builders to enthusiasts to engage with me and help me build the next “Squarespace” of Web3!
Clifford Anderson
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