Would putting your roadmap out improve traction?

Tsz Hoi Lee
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I've seen some startup display their Trello board or notion doc about their upcoming features roadmap on their websie. Personally, I think it might help with building a community and get people excited with your product. But on the other hand, sometimes stuff like this just doesn't make an impact at all. What's your thoughts?


Amarnath Nagula
Hi Lee, I think it all depends on the market condition of a particular startup. IMO, If the competition is high in the startup's target market then showing up a roadmap and building the product in public step by step will unlock traction like never before and I'm sure potential team members and investors would want to work with the founder to unleash the potential in the startup's idea.
Tsz Hoi Lee
Launching soon!
@amarnath_nagula Great insights. I truly believe that people build a sense of belonging/emotion connection when they're shown the vision of the startup.
Amarnath Nagula
@tszhoi_19 it is a difficult path mate, I have experience working closely with the founders, without the sense of belonging/ and emotional connection to the startup idea or solve a burning problem, it will be really difficult to built a startup. I'm not surprised when we read news headlines which says 90% of startups fail.
Devanand Premkumar
@amarnath_nagula I agree with you on this 100%. Traction on a specific niche or demand will be really helpful to the startup during its inception/initial phases and helps them build a solid base to build on top of it.
Michelle Sanchez
publicizing our roadmap could indeed boost traction as it would transparently communicate our vision and future plans to potential customers, partners, and stakeholders. It can build trust and anticipation, stimulate conversations and engagements, and attract those who align with our direction.