Would anyone like to contribute to my "Mega List Of eCommerce Subject Lines?"

Jonathan Morey
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Hey All, Jonathan here, I am creating a mega guide of 1,000 email subject lines for eCommerce. I have already compiled 943 emails + 100 email writing formulas from my colleagues, friends, the internet, and my own inbox. I could have easily created a list of 5,000 email subject lines. But I wanted to maintain quality. So, my ask is simple, "Does anyone has an idea or came across a really creative email subject line from an e-commerce company, that you couldn't help but open?" In return, I will put your name in the guide as contributors. And a shoutout on the product page "Maker" comment. Not much, but I believe this guide will be really helpful for all of us. Also, I will be giving it away in exchange for signing up for my newsletter. Is anyone interested?
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