Working at Startups, Do you get time to manage your Investment portfolio(s)?

Saurav Chaudhary
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Do let us know about your biggest frustrations about your money and traditional advisor(s)


Gleb Braverman
I have some angel investments as well as long term stuff like stocks, ETFs Angel investments - I get monthly updates, so it's easy to track. Long term stuff is long term, so no need to manage it actively.
Think of it as raising 2 kids, while each of them wants daddy's attention more than the other, or else... you catch my drift? But daddy wants to give each one of them the undivided attention they deserve, and wants both of them to be happy, and not hurt, with dreams of them becoming the best versions of themselves in their own ways. In todays time, there are solutions such as A.I. + M.L. + Fintech that would be great for a scenario such as this one, take Robo-visor's. & Trading Bots for example. These are great innovation's that would come handy in managing the investment portfolio while one is busy working on the "Next Big Thing". However, it's kind of like having a babysitter for one of them. Sometimes sacrifices are a must, especially when it comes to start-ups imo, sort of like family-planning. Wish you the best of luck. have a blessed one.
Pallavi Jaisinghani
Actually, the startup I work for, from time-to-time share the importance of investment portfolio through internal articles & bringing in executives from across investment companies to guide us.