Will you be willing to use a product that would list people who are ready to meet over video call?

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Recently I started working on a product that would list people who are willing to meet over video calls to discuss various topics of mutual interest. The main reason to do so is (I have experienced them): 1) LinkedIn is a great platform but too noisy and you don't know if the person you are approaching is busy or even willing to have a meet with you. 2) It has multiple steps that just cost a lot of time. What the product will have: 1) List of people who are actually ready to meet over video meets. You can find people with similar interests or from the domain you are interested in and pitch them. This will save both time and effort. 2) Video calls for the reason that it just gives a better understanding of the person that any messaging app can't give. Here is what I personally think and hence thought of creating a really simple solution for it. Would love to know what the community thinks about this product and any way we can make it better.
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