Will TikTok become like Instagram, where 20 percent of the content consists of advertisements?

Adam Rose
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Utku Uzun
I think it is a good market for B2C marketing, I used it before. But recently as a B2B marketer, I have doubts about it.
Guhan Sundar
I'm pretty sure that more than 20% of content on my Instagram is Ads. 😿 Probably somewhere between 30-45%. (Especially high in stories) I have many times seen two ads back to back. On feed - Ads are often shown on the app's splash screen. They occupy the entire screen and force me to scroll to actually get any content. I really miss the old Instagram. I don't use TikTok, but eventually, Ads are the only viable way to make money off billions of people with the least churn. Thanks to Google for normalizing ads into our lives.
Qudsia Ali
Yes, because this is how most social media platforms generate revenue. They have to get more advertisers on board so they can make money by showing the ads to their users. And this eventually means more ads and less user-generated content.
Bilal Hassan
Well, eventually, yes.