Will Mobile replace Email as an identity

Kavita Mittal
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Email accounts seem to be easy to create afresh and easy to hack into, mobiles are not that easy but still doable. What does this mean for identity and authentication going forward? Most big IDPs still require email (sure you can sign-in with phone or email) But why is email still an identifier and will this continue? Thoughts?


Fabian Maume
I think email authentication still make sense if combine with 2FA. Issue with Mobile authentication is how do you handle 2FA? The point of the 2FA is to query two different devices to make hack harder, if you are using only mobile hacking the mobile will kill the 2FA purpose. Mobile are harder to hack because they are more recent, so there is less practise in the field. If mobile become the prime-authentication method, this will change quickly.
Md. Ekram Hossan
Yes. I think so. I prefer email also. Because, Email will give us strong security when our phone will be lost.