Will blogs be replaced by video content?

Akriti Vyas
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Bogomil Shopov - Bogo
No :) I preffer good ol' text or a podcast.
Akriti Vyas
@bogomep Oh nice! you also love to listen podcast. I have a list of top 20 podcasts, if you want I can share with you.
Misha Krunic
Difficult to say. I've been doing some research and have stumbled upon numerous forecasts of blogs dying out. However, I have to say that I'm not seeing that, yet. I think blogs still have their place when it comes to content marketing.
Akriti Vyas
@price2spy Yes, blogging is an important part of any content marketing strategy because it is the part of your site that you will most frequently update with new posts
Fabian Maume
Well, I don't so for two reasons: - Reading speed is higher than listening speed - Search engines are still better at indexing text content than video
Akriti Vyas
@fabian_maume When it comes to search engine or SEO, obviously text works better than video
Corvin Deboeser
Good question! There are a few reasons why I believe they will co-exist for the foreseeable time: 1) Friction to create videos is higher: It's often a lot more effort to make a video than to write an article and content velocity is key for a lot of creators. 2) Text consumption is more flexible and faster: You can scan the content fast, scour for keywords, ctrl-f the content. Videos are mostly sequential consumption. 3) Videos fulfil only one need in the information stack: They are great for entry-level information, text is fantastic for in depth-information, podcasts are great to have a look left and right along the convo. I think the mix of various media types fulfils different needs and that's here to stay. 😊 I'd be curious tho: What's your take @akriti_vyas and why the question?
Akriti Vyas
@corvin_deboeser The reason why I raised this question, because I have seen video content is overtaking written text as the preferred medium of marketing. People who have less time prefer to watch video rather than writing a 4 min long blog. But, at the same time, there are many people who love to read blogs. So, if we use video on our blog this gives us an opportunity to outshine your competition.
Mayank Bishwas
I guess, there is place for and need for both. From the top of my mind, a solid reason is video helps engage and teach quick but discovering a blog and skimming it for the exact info you're seeking - is way more efficient.
Elena Cirera
Blogs are important for readability and SEO. Video content is vital in getting attention and retention; it is also essential for marketing. But it can not replace blogs; blogs are still important.
ankita singh
I don't think so. Both can go hand in hand
Brian Nutt
There is a comparison of text as a meandering walk through learning and video being a frenetic sprint. When we read, we sit and focus while videos are often shorter and consumed on the go. Both approaches have their positive benefits. I really like the following article which goes into great detail about video vs text and student learning. It is packed with references to supporting research directly related to vlogs / blogs and might be interesting to you. https://link.springer.com/articl...
Akriti Vyas
@brian_nutt Yes, you are right. After researching a lot I have found that videos are a great way to attract the type of audience that doesn't have time for reading text. And that's the reason why creators add videos to their blogs. Neil Patel, the giant of digital marketing, always has a 2 min video in his blogs to provide a more immersive experience to the readers.