will AI replace developers?

Ignacio Carmona
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Derek Duban
My friend and I discuss this a lot. I think not. I think (perhaps wrongly) that if you have an AI that can just spit out what app you describe, then at point you'll have a General AI. Image this: pretend I'm a billionaire and I want a new video game. I want Horizon Zero Dawn, but I want the main character, Aloy, to have all the super powers of the main character from the game Infamous. To achieve this, I could use my vast fortune to pay a game company $50M to assign a few dozen developers to make my game. I described the new game to them in one sentence and all their knowledge and experience between the developers could make the new game without another word from me. Or I could get an AI to do it with the same single sentence. I think an AI that could do that would take over the world before I get my chance to place my order.
David J. Kim
@sclerek Pretty much. At the point you just described the economy/world would be so different that I'm not sure how to imagine it.
Justin Grow
Obviously not current AI. There are some AIs that can _play_ games are really just machine learning feedback loops, but they need a developer to define the inputs and outputs of the game and goal the AI is pursuing progress toward. The potential for a general AI to be able to create applications based on a single sentence definition would require millions or billions of these feedback loops, each with their own inputs, outputs, and goals; essentially virtual neurons. Then you'd have to train it; essentially send it to K-12 + university CS education + game design specialization. Right now, human brains are still way better at taking inputs from many sources and using it to synthesize something entirely new.