Why you may not want to partner up

Karl Oscar Weber
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This may seem odd and unnecessary, but I gotta tell ya'll a story about my own weakness. Years ago I posted on Designer News that I was a developer looking for a designer to partner with on projects. I found somebody too. They were a great friend. Every project that we worked on though never really went anywhere, most didn't get passed the concept phases, or were abandoned in the MVP writing stage, I couldn't finish the projects. I would get so excited about a new idea or the possibilities of something, and then have it go nowhere, all because of me. Eventually I decided that I wouldn't partner with anybody on a side project again, until I learned how to complete something on my own. "Finishing" something personal, or at least completing it enough that it can be used by others, is a skill in itself, one that I hadn't learned. So anyways, please friends, make sure you have that skill, or environment, that will allow you the space or energy to finish what you start.


Kurt Madsen
Don't be too hard on yourself, friend. It's hard for anyone, even more so with so much going on in the world right now.
Nicole Ogloza
thanks for this, but you should be ruthless in your optimism. The more shaken up, the more experience you can flood new startups and ideas. Blessings in disguise