Why Laravel is so popular?

Rahul Nair
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More and more web developers are switching from frameworks like Zend, Symfony, YII, and CodeIgniter to Laravel. What is the reason for this?


David Tran
I has been a PHP developer for 3 years before I switch to frontend development. Here is my experience with these frameworks: - CodeIgniter is too simple, only suitable for beginner. It doesn't include unit test, queue, or authentication system like Laravel. - Zend and Symphony are designed for enterprise system and they both are too complicated. They could take a whole week too build a simple CRUD. I woundn't recommend them my friends. - Laravel is easy to learn, but modern enough and battery-included a lot of tools for you to build a modern system. - Yii was my favorite framework, it has a nice ecosystem. I used Yii to build some websites. Unfortunately, their community never grow big enough to attract more developers.
Sheiryl Jose
Laravel is easy to use and learn as a beginner. We are using laravel on our site! Check it our here - https://lessandra.com.ph/
Ilia Pikulev
Good documentation and (relatively) easy to learn :)